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Products Category

Arrester series
Low-voltage surge arresters
Distribution type, plant type arrester
Motor type, capacitance type arrester
Line-type arresters
Electrified railway-type arrester
Export-oriented arrester
Arrester with disconnector
Neutral arrester
Harmonic elimination series
Standard, plateau resonance eliminator
Weak insulation type resonance eliminator
Ultra-small resonance eliminator
Fuse Series
Drop-out fuse (export-oriented)
Drop-out fuse
Indoor high-voltage current-limiting fuse
Outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuse
Power Capacitor protection fuse
High voltage fuse_drop fuse
Overvoltage Protector Series
Indoor over-voltage protection
Outdoor over-voltage protection
Motor neutral point of over-voltage protection
CT secondary overvoltage protector
Insulator Series
Suspension Insulator
Pin insulator
Cross arm insulator
Tension insulator
Isolation Switch
High-voltage isolation switch
Low-voltage isolation switch
Discharge counter - on-line monitoring devices
Out of control - surge arrester mounting bracket
Silicone rubber insulated jacket
Wall bushing series

Products List

HY5WS-17/50, HY5WS-12.7/50 distribution type surge arresters - DR-BLQ-001 | HY5WZ-17/45 station type arresters - DR-BLQ-002 | HY5WZ-51/134, HY5WZ-52.7/134 station-type arrester - DR-BLQ-003 | LXQ-10, LXQ-6 a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-001 | LXQ-35, LXQ-20 a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-002 | XRNP1-10/0.5A, XRNP1-6/0.5A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-001 | XRNT1-10/40A, XRNT1-10/80A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-002 | LXQ3 voltage transformer neutral point with resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-003 | LXQ-6, LXQ-10 universal resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-004 | LXQ-6D, LXQ-10D weak insulating-type resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-005 | JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter - DR-JSQ-001 | JCQ-C arrester line monitor - DR-JCQ-001 | RN1-10/50A, RN1-10/75A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-003 | RN2-10/0.5, RN2-6/0.5 high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-004 | RN3-10/150A, RN3-200A indoor high-voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-005 | RW9-35 RW10-35 RXWO-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses - DR-RDQ-006 | LXQ3-6, LXQ3-10 round a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-006 | LXQ3-6D, LXQ3-10D weak insulating-type resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-007 | LXQ-35, LXQ-20 universal resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-008 | LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D weak insulating-type resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-009 | HY5WS-17/50TLB zinc oxide arrester with disconnector - DR-BLQ-004 | HY1.5W-0.28/1.3, HY1.5W-0.5/2.6 low voltage arrester - DR-BLQ-005 | HY5WS-10/30, HY5WS-7.6/30 distribution type arrester - DR-BLQ-006 | HY5WZ-10/27 station-type arrester - DR-BLQ-007 | HY5WX-51/134, HY5WX-54/134 line surge arrester - DR-BLQ-008 | TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/85 indoor overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-001 | TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/131 indoor-type over-voltage protection - DR-GDY-002 | Arrester mounting bracket, insulated bracket, bracket DRB1 - DR-AZZJ-001 | Arrester mounting bracket, insulated bracket, bracket DRB2 - DR-AZZJ-002 | TLB thermal explosion type disconnector, new disconnector - DR-TLQ-001 | RW4-10/100A, RW4-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-007 | RW10-10/100A, RW10-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-008 | RW11-10/100A, RW11-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-009 | HRW3-10/100A, HRW3-10/200A outdoor drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-010 | RW3-10/100A, RW3-10/200A outdoor drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-011 | HRW11-10/100A, HRW11-10/200A - DR-RDQ-012 | HRW10-10F/100A, HRW10F-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-013 | TBP-A (B, C) -12.7/131-J over-voltage protection device with a counter - DR-GDY-003 | TBP-B (C) -42F/310 indoor-type over-voltage protection - DR-GDY-004 | TBP-B (C) -42F/200 indoor-type over-voltage protection - DR-GDY-005 | FXBW6-10/70, FXBW4-10/100 composite suspension insulator - DR-JYZ-001 | FXBW-35/100, FXBW-35/70 composite suspension insulator - DR-JYZ-002 | FXBW-110/100, FXBW-110/70 composite suspension insulator - DR-JYZ-003 | FPQ1-10/4T20 composite pin insulator - DR-JYZ-004 | FPQ2-10/3T20 composite pin insulator - DR-JYZ-005 | FZS-12/5 Composite Insulator - DR-JYZ-006 | FZSW-24/5 Composite Insulator - DR-JYZ-007 | FZSW-40.5/6, FZSW-35/6 Composite Insulator - DR-JYZ-008 | GW9-10/630A, GW9-10/400A, GW9-10/200A outdoor high voltage disconnect switch - DR-GLKG-001 | HGW9-10/630A, HGW9-10/400A, HGW9-10/200A high isolation switch - DR-GLKG-002 | BRN, BRW, BR1, BR2 power capacitors dedicated fuse - DR-RDQ-014 | HY1.5W-30/80 transformer neutral point surge arrester - DR-BLQ-009 | HY5CS-17/42, HY5CS-12.7/42 zinc oxide surge arresters with series gaps - DR-BLQ-010 | HY5WZ-34/85, HY5WZ-34/90 station-type arrester 24KV - DR-BLQ-011 | HY5WZ-51/134GY plateau type arrester - DR-BLQ-012 | RW9-35 RW10-35 RXWO-35 Outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses and pollution prevention - DR-RDQ-015 | HRW10-35, HRXWO-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses (composite jacket, and pollution prevention) - DR-RDQ-016 | RW7-10/100A, RW7-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-017 | HRW7-10/100A, HRW7-10/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-018 | RW5-35/100A, RW5-35/200A outdoor drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-019 | PRWG2-35/100A, PRWG2-35/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-020 | HPRWG2-35/100A, HPRWG2-35/200A outdoor high drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-021 | FCGW, FCBW composite dry wall bushing 10KV - DR-CQTG-001 | FCGW, FCBW composite dry wall bushing 35KV - DR-CQTG-002 | Transformer jacket, drop switch, drop-arrester insulation jacket - DR-JYHT-001 | FNB4-10/70-UD Composite Tension Insulator - DR-JYZ-009 | FPQW-35/5T20 composite pin insulator - DR-JYZ-010 | FS-10/5 composite crossarm insulators - DR-JYZ-011 | FS-35/5 composite crossarm insulators - DR-JYZ-012 | FSW-110/10 composite crossarm insulators - DR-JYZ-013 | JS-III Used movement counter over-voltage protection - DR-JSQ-002 | LXQ3-10A, RXQ-10 round a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-010 | LXQ3-35A, RXQ-35 round a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-011 | LXQ3D-10A, RXQ-10D closed transformer with a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-012 | LXQ5-6, 10 ultra-small a resonance eliminator - DR-XXQ-013 | RN1, RN2, RN3-35/0.5A indoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses - DR-RDQ-022 | XRNP1-35/0.5A, XRNP1-40.5/0.5A high voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-023 | XRNT1-24, XRNT1-35 high-voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-024 | XRNT1, SDLAJ, SFLAJ, SKLAJ series of high-voltage fuse - DR-RDQ-025 | Drop-arrester insulated jacket, insulated jacket removable surge arresters - DR-JYHT-002 | High and low voltage transformer insulation jacket inlet and outlet - DR-JYHT-003 | Drop switch, drop-out fuse insulating sheath - DR-JYHT-004 | Arrester insulation jacket - DR-JYHT-005 | RW12 drop fuse insulated jacket, RW12 insulation sheath drop switch - DR-JYHT-006 | HY5WS-34/85, HY5WS-34/90 24KV distribution type arrester - DR-BLQ-013 | HY5WS-17/50DL-TB drop-arrester - DR-BLQ-014 | TBP-O-7.6 motor neutral voltage protection device used - DR-GDY-006 | CTB-4 secondary overvoltage protector - DR-GDY-007 | CT-6 secondary overvoltage protector - DR-GDY-008 | CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-009 | HY5WR-10/27 capacitance-type arrester - DR-BLQ-015 | HY5WR-17/45 capacitance-type arrester - DR-BLQ-016 | HY5WT-42/120 electrified railway type arrester - DR-BLQ-017 | HY5W-12 export-oriented arrester - DR-BLQ-018 | JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter - DR-JSQ-003 | CTB-9 secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-010 | CTB-12 secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-011 | JLC-6S secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-012 | JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protection - DR-GDY-013 | RXQ-10,RXQ-6 harmonic - DR-XXQ-14 | RXQ-35,RXQ-20 harmonic - DR-XXQ-15 | HY5WZ-26/66 MOA - DR-BLQ-019 | JS-8S double pointer discharge counter - DR-JSQ-004 | RW12-10/100A, RW12-10/200A drop-out fuse - DR-RDQ-026 | RXQ-35D,RXQ-20D Harmonic elimination - DR-XXQ-016 | HY5WS-17/50Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters - DR-BLQ-020 | HY5WZ-17/45Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters - DR-BLQ-021 | HY5WZ-51/134Q fully insulated type zinc oxide surge arresters - DR-BLQ-022 | RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D round aluminum foot to install a harmonic elimination - DR-XXQ-017 | Drop-out fuse insulated jacket RW10, RW10 drop switch insulated jacket - DR-JYHT-007 | Drop-out fuse insulated jacket RW11, RW11 drop switch insulated jacket - DR-JYHT-008 | GW9 jacket, GW9 disconnectors jacket, GW9 disconnectors insulated jacket, GW9 isolation switch guard - DR-JYHT-009 | RW10-10F with arc shield drop type fuse - DR-JYHT-010 | ZW32 vacuum switch cover (without isolation) - DR-JYHT-011 | ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker (with shield isolation) - DR-JYHT-012 | The ordinary belt buckle type high voltage fuse _ drop fuse - DR-GYRS-001 | ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse - DR-GYRS-002 |

Sample Category

DR-Sample Cover
DR-Company Profile
Arrester series
Harmonic elimination series
Over-voltage protector
Out of control - surge arrester mounting bracket
Discharge counter - on-line monitoring device
Insulator Series
Outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses
Drop-out Fuse Series
Indoor high-voltage fuse
Power Capacitor dedicated fuse
Isolation Switch Series
Wall bushing series
Silicone rubber insulated jacket
DR-sample back cover

Sample List

Sample Cover | Company Profile | DR-Products | DR-sample 1 (Introduction MOA) | DR-sample 2 (power surge arresters, surge arresters used Dimension A) | DR-3 samples (low-voltage - Distribution Type - Power surge arrester technology parameters) | DR-sample 4 (capacitor-type - type motor - electric railway surge arrester technology parameters) | DR-5 samples (transformer neutral point type - line surge arrester technology parameters) | DR-6 sample (used arrester Dimension B) | DR-7 sample (drop-arrester - arrester Products removable) | DR-sample 8 (export-oriented arrester product images, technical data) | DR-sample 9 (resonance eliminator pictures, technical parameters, matching table, model description) | Sample DR-10 (lightning over-voltage protection for more details) | DR-sample of 11 (TBP a typical three-phase overvoltage protection device data sheet) | DR-sample of 12 (over-voltage protection device commonly used overall and mounting dimensions) | DR-sample of 13 (out of control - surge arrester mounting bracket - wire) | Sample DR-14 (discharge counter - on-line monitoring devices) | DR-15 samples (composite suspension insulator - composite pin insulator) | DR-16 samples (composite pin insulator - Composite Insulator) | DR-17 samples (composite crossarm insulators - lightning Insulator - lightning examine the electrical grounding ring) | DR-18 samples (composite strain insulator) | DR-sample of 19 - other types of insulators | DR-sample 20-RW9-35, (H) RW10-35, (H) RXWO-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses | DR-sample of 21 - drop-out fuse | DR-sample of 22 - drop-out fuse product images, technical data sheet | DR-sample of 23 - indoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses product images, technical data sheet | DR-sample of 24 - Special power capacitors fuse, fuse, high voltage fuse | DR-sample of 25 - high and low voltage disconnecting switch, knife fuse switch pictures, technical parameters | DR-sample 26-GN19, GW4, GW5 series of high-voltage isolation switch product images, technical parameters | DR-sample of 27 - Composite dry wall bushing, porcelain jacket indoor and outdoor wall bushing copper and aluminum rod row | DR-sample of 28 - silicone rubber insulated jacket | DR-sample back cover |

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Company News
Industry News
Product News

News List

Welcome to Yueqing Dengrui Electric Co., Ltd.! | Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui Recruitment Partner | The companys Web site is a new revision, so stay tuned | Model matching table of the selection of the harmonic elimination, harmonic elimination | Zinc oxide arrester installation, the arrester works | Drop Fuse works | Drop-out fuse, drop the choice of the switch | Drop the installation of the fuse | Drop the fuse operating Handling Precautions | Drop the fuse of the operation and maintenance management, precautions | Drop-out fuse fuse failure cause analysis, and improvement methods and strategies for | The composition of the drop-out fuse, functional use, melting choose | The classification of the fuse tube fuses Expulsion fuses structural use | Safety second characteristic of the fuse, the fuse selection |

Supply Category

Zinc oxide arrester
Harmonic elimination
High-voltage fuses
Overvoltage protector
Discharge counter - line monitoring
Out of - arrester bracket
Insulator supply
Isolating switch supply

Supply List

Supply HY5WS-17/50 zinc oxide arrester | Supply HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester | Supply HY5WZ-51/134 zinc oxide arrester | The supply LXQ-10 resonance eliminator | Supply LXQ-35 High Voltage harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ3 voltage transformer neutral point with harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ-10D weak insulation harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ-10 general-purpose harmonic elimination device | To supply XRNP1-10/0.5A high-voltage fuses | To supply XRNT1-10/80A high-voltage fuses | Supply JCQ-C arrester line monitoring | Supply the JS-8, JSY-8, JSY-10 discharge counter | To supply RN1-10/50A high-voltage fuses | To supply RN2-10/0.5A high-voltage fuses | Supply RN3-10/200A indoor high-voltage fuse | Supply LXQ3-10 round once the harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ3-10D power harmonic elimination | The supply LXQ-35D,LXQ-20Dharmonic elimination resistor, a harmonic elimination device | The supply LXQ-35, LXQ-20 high-voltage harmonic elimination device | The supply RW9-35, RW10-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses | The supply HY1.5W-0.28/1.3, HY1.5W-0.5/2.6 low-voltage surge arrester | The supply HY5WS-10/30 zinc oxide arrester, 6KV distribution arrester | Supply HY5WS-17/50L with disconnector zinc oxide arrester | The supply HY5WX-51/134, HY5WX-54/134 line surge arrester | The supply HY5WZ-10/27 SPD, 6KV power plant SPD | The supply TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector | Supply TBP family protection, over-voltage action counters | Supply TBP complex over-voltage protection, TBP three-phase modular overvoltage protection | Series of supply composite crossarm insulators, high voltage insulators | Supply HY5WZ-17/45L with disconnector arrester |