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Supply HY5WS-17/50L with disconnector zinc oxide arrester

Supply the HY5WS-17/50L, HY5WS-17/50L with the device out of zinc oxide surge arresters characteristics

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HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters] products, providing professional [HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

HY5WS-17/50TLB zinc oxide surge arresters used to protect the system rated voltage 10KV power transformers, switchgear, box-type substation, power cable outlet header column oil switch and distribution equipment from the atmosphere and the operating voltage damage.

HY5WS-17/50TLB zinc oxide surge arresters in addition to over-voltage protection with metal-oxide surge arresters, but also when an error occurs, the power frequency short-circuit current disconnector action, the ground is automatically disengaged, zinc oxide arrester exit grid operation, maintenance and easy maintenance, easy to find the point of failure.

HY5WS-17/50TLB zinc oxide arrester life issues

Arrester service life with a number of factors, in addition to manufacturing quality, seal failure from moisture and other external factors, the aging speed of the arrester valves is a key factor affecting the life span. Silicon carbide arrester is heavy because of its action and load, wheeling a large, stable operating characteristics and poor, may be subject to transient over-voltage hazards, and other reasons, to accelerate the aging of the valves, life is not long, usually 7 to 10 years, even with only 3 ~~ five years. Gapless zinc oxide arrester valves long withstand the grid voltage, harsh working conditions, low voltage turning point, the action frequency, transient over-voltage may also suffer harm, the temperature of thermal injury and other reasons, the rapid acceleration of the aging valves, shorter life , and some are shorter than the silicon carbide arrester. Series gap of zinc oxide arrester gap valves only in the course of action of voltage protection to withstand high voltages, a very short time (100μ s) In other cases, the valves for the power grid voltage, or in isolation (pure gap) or (composite gap resistance partial pressure), has greatly improved the long-term working conditions of the valves, also from transient overvoltage hazards and temperature thermal damage, ensure the temperature of the valves does not exceed 55 ° C, in order to ensure the life of the arrester in a low state of more than 20 years.

HY5WS-17/50TLB zinc oxide arrester installation methods and precautions:
    Arrester through an insulating stand or hold the hoop fixed on the cross arm, the upper bolt connected to the high-voltage wire, the lower part of the ground must be soft copper wire and grounding wire connections; never allowed to use the hard wire and arrester ground connection to avoid the lightning arrester damage from the device can not be successfully weaned.
Dengrui the electrical the arrester main products are:
Zinc oxide arrester, composite metal oxide surge arresters, drop arrester removable surge arresters, may cast a lightning arrester, line type arrester combined arresters, power plant type arrester, motor type arrester, distribution type arrester, capacitor type arrester, electrification Railway type arrester, the neutral point arrester low-voltage type arrester, motor type arrester, transformer neutral point arrester engine room arrester discharge counter, surge arrester line monitoring, the arrester disconnector, etc.; arrester Annex: JS-8; JSY -10; JCQ-C; the TLB thermal explosion type out of; arrester mounting bracket (surge arrester mounting plate), wire (from the conductive line), silicone rubber insulation sheathing
Dengrui electrical overvoltage protector part of the common older models:
Of TBP-A (B, C) and a variety of models; TBP-A-7.6F/85; TBP-B-7.6F/85; TBP-C-7.6F/85; TBP-A-7.6F/131; TBP- B-7.6F/131; TBP-C-7.6F/131; TBP-A (B, C) -7.6F/280W2; TBP-A-12.7F/85; TBP-B-12.7F/85; TBP- C-12.7F/85; TBP-A-12.7F/131; TBP-B-12.7F/131; TBP-C-12.7F/131; TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/280W2; TBP- B (C) -42F/200 (310); TBP-B (C) -42F/630 (400) W
Sources of information:  drop-out fuse

These are HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters details, if you HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for HY5WS-17/50L band out of zinc oxide surge arresters the latest information
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