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The supply HY5WX-51/134, HY5WX-54/134 line surge arrester

Supply HY5WX-51/134 line arrester, HY5WX-51/134 advantages of line surge arrester

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HY5WX-51/134 line surge arrester

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HY5WX-51/134, HY5WX-42/134 AC power transmission line suspended organic compound coat oxidation oxygen arrester connected in parallel in the insulator (string) at both ends, in order to limit the line lightning over-voltage, to improve the line lightning withstanding level, reduce system a trip caused by lightning failure rate is specifically designed to fly a new type of lightning arrester installed at the transmission tower.

Gapless line arrester and clearance of line surge arrester
    China's gap-free line surge arrester usage exceeds the clearance line arrester 90% of the 330kV, 500kV line to line surge arresters without gaps. Gap arrester insulation coordination, protective properties of dispersion small, just depends on a UI characteristic curve, to protect the margin. The arrester run accident rate is lower than the to 0.03/100 phase • years, and the clearance line arrester limits switching overvoltage advantage is that there are gaps line arrester can not be achieved. Table 4 lists the technical requirements and the performance of the two line surge arrester [6].
    In addition to the general power station arrester requirements are met, the gap line surge arrester operating conditions should also meet the following conditions:
    (1) to withstand a variety of the role of over-voltage, especially in the middle of the line over voltage within the highest over-voltage high-frequency, requiring larger capacity of the flow passage.
    (2) charge rate is relatively high, and the substation arresters, line the middle of no pressure limiting measures, such as capacitance effects can cause voltage rise, the line surge arrester charged a higher rate.
    (3) line of shock, an exceptionally strong hot and cold, Fengbai, snow and ice may damage the arrester seal.
    China has a clearance outside of the line surge arrester series gap divided into two categories: the pure air of the rod - rod gap, as shown in Figure 1 (b); supported by the composite insulator ring - ring gap, shown in Figure 1 (a). Its technical performance is shown in table 5 [6]. At present, China uses more of the latter, the main reason is easy to install.
    Maintenance-free design
    I believe that to achieve the maintenance-free must meet the following conditions:
    (1) the production of high-quality surge arresters should also be an appropriate increase in clearance lines? (2) respond to the arrester to install from the device.
    (3) should be attached arrester failure indicating device.
    Line arrester can effectively reduce the trip rate is one of China's current arrester direction of development. Line surge arrester must be designed to solve special problems, the proposed test, calculation of explosion-proof design, energy checking method of the valve size calculation, the potential distribution calculation method has a certain reference value, and the 500kV transmission line arrester has been applied. In this paper gives 110 ~ 500kV line surge arrester technical parameters, emphasizing the line surge arrester creepage distance of the body part, the gap part should be, respectively, 1.7cm/kV. Compared the gap arrester and arrester without gaps and surge arresters without gaps for high reliability, protective margin, insulation with the dispersion of small advantage, an advantage in the Chinese use; pure gap arrester The air gap dispersion of small, continuous operation stability is relatively high. In addition, the line surge arrester should be maintenance-free.

HY5WX series Line Type the arrester HY5WX-17/50, HY5WX-51/134, HY5WX-54/134, HY5WX-96/250 HY10WX-96/250, HY10WX-100/260 HY10WX-102/265, HY10WX-208 / 281, HY10WX-114/300, HY10WX-120/320, HY10WX-126/328, HY10WX-204/530, HY10WX-216/562, HY10WX-228/600, HY10WX-240/640, HY10WX-252/656
Dengrui the electrical the arrester main products are:
Zinc oxide arrester, composite metal oxide surge arresters, drop arrester removable surge arresters, may cast a lightning arrester, line type arrester combined arresters, power plant type arrester, motor type arrester, distribution type arrester, capacitor type arrester, electrification Railway type arrester, neutral point arrester low-voltage surge arrester, electric motor type arrester, transformer neutral point arrester room arrester, the discharge counter, surge arrester line monitoring devices, surge arresters with detachment, etc.
Sources of information:  high-voltage fuses

These are HY5WX-51/134 line surge arrester details, if you HY5WX-51/134 line surge arrester of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for HY5WX-51/134 line surge arrester the latest information
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