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The supply HY5WZ-10/27 SPD, 6KV power plant SPD

Supply HY5WZ-10/27 mine, mine, HY5WZ-10/27 Introduction, HY5WZ-10/27 SPD price 6KV arrester company

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HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector] products, providing professional [HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

HY5WZ-10/27, HY5WZ-7.6/27 Power Station Arrester is used to protect power plants, substation AC electrical equipment from damage to the atmosphere over-voltage and operating voltage.
Dengrui the electrical the arrester main products are:
Zinc oxide arrester, composite metal oxide surge arresters, drop arrester removable surge arresters, may cast a lightning arrester, line type arrester combined arresters, power plant type arrester, motor type arrester, distribution type arrester, capacitor type arrester, electrification Railway type arrester, the neutral point arrester low-voltage type arrester, motor type arrester, transformer neutral point arrester engine room arrester discharge counter, surge arrester line monitoring, the arrester disconnector, etc.; arrester Annex: JS-8; JSY -10; JCQ-C; the TLB thermal explosion type out of; arrester mounting bracket (surge arrester mounting plate), wire (from the conductive line), silicone rubber insulation sheathing
HY5WZ-10/27 lightning protection device briefly
The zinc oxide arrester arrester with good protective properties. Use of zinc oxide nonlinear volt-ampere characteristic, so that the flow through the arrester current is very small (microamperes or milliamperes level) in the normal operating voltage; sharp decline when over-voltage, resistance, and the leaked let the energy of the voltage to achieve a protective effect. The difference of this arrester and arrester discharge gap, the use of zinc oxide non-linear characteristics play a discharge and the role of breaking.

HY5WZ-10/27 mine development source
The zinc oxide arrester is the 1970s developed a new type of lightning arrester, it is mainly composed of zinc oxide varistors. Each piece of varistors made when there is a certain switching voltage (called varistor), in the normal operating voltage (ie, less than the varistor voltage) varistor large values, which is equivalent to the insulating state, but the role of impulse voltage (greater than the varistor voltage), the varistor was low breakdown, which is equivalent to short-circuit state. However, the varistor hit in the state can be restored; When the revocation of the voltage higher than the varistor voltage, it restored the high impedance state. Therefore, installed in the power line, such as zinc oxide surge arresters, lightning strikes, lightning-wave high-voltage make varistor breakdown, the lightning current into the earth through the varistor, the power line voltage control in a safe range, which to protect the safety of electrical equipment.
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These are HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector details, if you HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for HY5WZ-10/27 mine detector the latest information
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