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Supply HY5WZ-17/45L with disconnector arrester

The supply HY5WZ-17/45L belt from the surge arresters, HY5WZ-17/45L band from the arrester characteristics

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HY5WZ-17/45L with disconnector arrester

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HY5WZ-17/45L band from the arrester characteristics
Arrester failure damage in exceptional circumstances, the power frequency short-circuit current disconnector action from the grounded side automatically disengage.
2 with disconnector arrester internal cavity, with the explosion-proof performance and a strong tolerance capacity, small size, light weight, easy to damage, easy to install.
(3) When the arrester failure damage in exceptional circumstances, the arrester and the system automatically separated from the replacement in the case of uninterruptible power arrester. Arrester plays an important role and value in use, the floating potential secondary device using the power supply via 1:1 isolation transformer to the secondary equipment, power supply, local ground network potential of the secondary equipment "floating", the use of the principle of "rising" to eliminate fight back.
Lightning wave isolation, by the beginning of the isolation transformer, the secondary open circuit principle of the lightning wave intrusion along the power to achieve isolation, the isolation of the lightning energy by the beginning of the isolation transformer, the secondary arrester into the earth.

HY5WZ-17/45L band from the device arrester residual voltage decay technique
For the arrester residual voltage is much larger than the secondary device chip lightning withstanding level, a new medium and transformer can be used to its attenuation.
In transformer consists of a ring core and coil around an iron core. New in the arrester it works: Under normal circumstances, and the transformer differential-mode input state, the induced electric potential direction opposite offset each other without any impact to the secondary system.
Arrester has an important attenuation technology in use to ensure good value and function in use.
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These are HY5WZ-17/45L with disconnector arrester details, if you HY5WZ-17/45L with disconnector arrester of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for HY5WZ-17/45L with disconnector arrester the latest information
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