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Supply HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester

Factory direct sales HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester, HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester operating conditions

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HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester] products, providing professional [HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester applications
HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide surge arresters is very important in the electricity to run the protection of electrical equipment. China after 20 years of mass production, production and zinc oxide varistor arrester design standards are getting better and better, to ensure the safe operation of power grids and electrical equipment, so the zinc oxide surge arresters in China's power and electrified railway , oil mining, wind power plants and other industries has been more widely used.

HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide surge arresters role
Steep wave, HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester response characteristics freewheeling operation, low residual voltage, the discharge dispersion is small, has to absorb a variety of lightning, the operating voltage capability. 35 kV and below voltage levels suspended zinc oxide surge arresters with out of the device, can be used in Power Plant power, railways and power supply and uninterrupted power supply place. Itself fails, the device moves out of zinc oxide surge arresters out of operation, in order to avoid power interruption during normal operation from the device does not work. Use from the device prevents the system continues to malfunction, reduce outage time, exempt from the annual spring Removable and overhaul.

HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester operating conditions
Normal operating conditions a ambient temperature of -40 ° C ~ +40 ° C; altitude does not exceed 4000M; b power frequency less than 48Hz, no more than 62Hz; exert long-term frequency voltage between the arrester terminals should be does not exceed the continuous operating voltage of the arrester; d, seismic column 7 degrees and the following areas; e, the maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m / s; f sunlight radiation. (Note: The arrester near other heat sources, the use of surge arresters by mutual agreement)
2, abnormal operating conditions: beyond the normal operating conditions, the use of zinc oxide surge arresters need both parties.
3, the resistance of the arrester filthy performance: arrester coat the minimum nominal specific creepage distance should meet the following requirements:
Obviously filthy regions 17mm/kV; ordinary dirty areas 20mm/kV; heavy pollution areas 25mm/kV; special heavy pollution areas 31mm / kV.

These are HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester details, if you HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for HY5WZ-17/45 zinc oxide arrester the latest information
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