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The supply LXQ-10 resonance eliminator

The supply the quality LXQ-10 time harmonic elimination, a harmonic elimination of factory direct Dengrui LXQ-10

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LXQ-10 resonance eliminator

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [LXQ-10 resonance eliminator] products, providing professional [LXQ-10 resonance eliminator] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [LXQ-10 resonance eliminator] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

LXQ-6, LXQ-10, LXQ-20 LXQ-35 universal resonance eliminator, square harmonic elimination device

LXQ type 6 ~ 10kV voltage transformer neutral point of harmonic elimination of non-linear resistance damper (referred to as the harmonic elimination) is installed in the Y-6 ~ 10kV voltage transformer (referred to as PT) primary winding. Neutral point of the tie line between a non-linear resistors to eliminate the harmonic damping device. Compared with traditional RXQ type LXQ harmonic elimination starting from the harmonic elimination of the heat capacity, a greater improvement in the design. Harmonic elimination of the superior electrical performance, ultra-fine particles of SiC-based materials, large-tonnage hydraulic machine pressed into the high density of the green bodies, thousands of high temperature sintering in a reducing atmosphere. The exposed surface of the resistor structure specially treated to withstand sun and rain, can be used directly outdoors. New Dengrui electrical LXQ harmonic elimination because of its small size, light weight, high strength, heat quickly removed the traditional RXQ resonance eliminator porcelain shell, but also easy to install and very popular with users of all ages.

LXQ-10 resonance eliminator Features
* Eliminate or ferromagnetic resonance damping caused by the voltage transformer to avoid voltage transformer, external insulation breakdown, discharge;
* Restrictions on the system in single-phase or arc grounded flow through the transformer windings over current to avoid voltage transformer burned;
* Small size, light weight, flexible, easy to install.

The Dengrui electrical harmonic elimination of some models:
The LXQ / RXQ / NLS / QNC high voltage harmonic elimination, the standard harmonic elimination, universal harmonic elimination, square harmonic elimination round harmonic elimination weak insulation harmonic elimination, ultra-compact harmonic elimination, once a consumer harmonic, the second harmonic elimination, high-voltage harmonic elimination, low-voltage harmonic elimination (shape, size, shape, model, specifications of the product is complete, stable and reliable product quality, special requirements can be negotiated to order, and provide customers with related technical consultancy) LXQ-6, LXQ-10, LXQ-20 LXQ-35 LXQ3-6, LXQ3-10, LXQ3-35 voltage transformer neutral point high voltage harmonic elimination; LXQII-6, LXQII-10 , LXQII-35, LXQIII-6, LXQIII-10, LXQIII-35 pressure change neutral point resistance with harmonic elimination; the LXQII (D) -6, LXQII (D) -10, LXQII (D) -35 LXQIII ( D) -6, LXQIII (D) -10, LXQIII (D) -35, LXQ2 (D) -6, LXQ2 (D) -10, LXQ2 (D) -35, LXQ3 (D) -6, LXQ3 (D ) -10, -35 weak insulation LXQ3 (D) high-voltage harmonic elimination; LXQ universal voltage transformer neutral point (3) 6-10KV with harmonic elimination the device RXQ-6, RXQ-10, RXQ-20, RXQ-35 the RXQ3-6, RXQ3-10-35 voltage transformers in RXQ3 neutral point high voltage harmonic elimination device

These are LXQ-10 resonance eliminator details, if you LXQ-10 resonance eliminator of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for LXQ-10 resonance eliminator the latest information
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