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The supply LXQ-35D,LXQ-20Dharmonic elimination resistor, a harmonic elimination device

Supply LXQ-35D,the LXQ-20 harmonicelimination resistor,LXQ-35D harmonic elimination resistor price

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LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor] products, providing professional [LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

LXQ-6D, LXQ-10D, LXQ-20D, LXQ-35D, LXQ(D)-6, LXQ(D)-10, LXQ(D)-20, LXQ(D)-35, LXQⅢ(D)-6 , LXQⅢ(D)-10, LXQⅢ(D)-20, LXQⅢ(D)-35, LXQ3(D)-6, LXQ3(D)-10, LXQ3(D)-20, LXQ3(D)-35 weak insulated high-voltage harmonic elimination

Time harmonic elimination of Model: KV system voltage transformer the selection LXQ(D)II-10(6)KV eliminate harmonic
            20KV system voltage transformer the selection LXQ(D)II-20KV harmonic elimination
            35KV system voltage transformer the selection LXQ(D)II-35KV harmonic elimination
LXQ-35D,LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor purposes:
6 ~ 35kV neutral point grounding grid electromagnetic voltage transformer (hereinafter referred to as PT), when the bus load or outlet less, due to the closing charge or ground fault at run time to eliminate other reasons inspire, make the voltage transformer saturation, may produce ferroresonance over-voltage. Relatively voltage instability, and the ground to indicate the malfunction, the PT high-voltage fuse blows, and other anomalies cause serious PT burned, sparking other accidents.
LXQ (D) type II harmonic elimination resistor is installed in the 6 ~ 35kV PT primary winding the Y0 connection neutral point and ground between the high-capacity linear resistor, since the damping and limiting the role. The harmonic elimination resistor in full compliance with the current Ministry of Electric Power standard DL / T 620-1997 "over-voltage protection of AC electrical installations and insulation in line with the provisions of Article 4.1.5, you can play a good limit voltage transformer ferroresonance effect.
If 6 ~ 35kV network neutral point grounding, of Y0 wiring on the bus PT primary winding will be the only metal channel of the power grid to ground. Single phase to ground or disappear when the grid-to-ground capacitance of a transition process of charging and discharging through the PT primary winding. The test measured at this time often have power frequency half-wave maximum amplitude of several amperes through the PT, the inrush current may be PT high voltage fuse (0.5A) fuse. Installed LXQ II series harmonic elimination after this surge will be effectively suppressed, high-voltage fuse is no longer because of this surge and fuse (Note: Electronic harmonic elimination device installed on the secondary side of PT is generally unable to eliminate the inrush current).
LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor is not porcelain sets, the nonlinear resistor body is thought that the main raw material is fired at high temperature hydrogen furnace, aluminum connection between the resistor body, small size, large capacity, high mechanical strength.

LXQ harmonic elimination in use if there is current flowing through the high-pressure direct increase in the neutral point on the PT, it may burn the weak insulation PT neutral insulation. LXQD series harmonic elimination for the weak insulation PT resonance eliminator with a D parameter components (with D-type), the components can effectively limit the harmonic elimination of both ends of the voltage, thereby protecting the neutral insulation.

The Dengrui electrical harmonic elimination of some models:
The LXQ / RXQ / NLS / QNC high voltage harmonic elimination, the standard harmonic elimination, universal harmonic elimination, square harmonic elimination round harmonic elimination weak insulation harmonic elimination, ultra-compact harmonic elimination, once a consumer harmonic, the second harmonic elimination, high-voltage harmonic elimination, low-voltage harmonic elimination (shape, size, shape, model, specifications of the product is complete, stable and reliable product quality, special requirements can be negotiated to order, and provide customers with related technical consultancy) LXQ-6, LXQ-10, LXQ-20 LXQ-35 LXQ3-6, LXQ3-10, LXQ3-35 voltage transformer neutral point high voltage harmonic elimination; LXQII-6, LXQII-10 , LXQII-35, LXQIII-6, LXQIII-10, LXQIII-35 pressure change neutral point resistance with harmonic elimination; the LXQII(D)-6, LXQII(D)-10, LXQII(D)-35 LXQIII(D)-6, LXQIII(D)-10, LXQIII(D)-35, LXQ2(D)-6, LXQ2(D)-10, LXQ2(D)-35, LXQ3(D)-6, LXQ3(D)-10,LXQ3(D)-35 weak insulation  high-voltage harmonic elimination; LXQ-35 universal voltage transformer neutral point (3) 6-10KV with harmonic elimination the device RXQ-6, RXQ-10, RXQ-20, RXQ-35 the RXQ3-6, RXQ3-10 voltage transformers in RXQ3 neutral point high voltage harmonic elimination device
Sources of information:  high-voltage fuses

These are LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor details, if you LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for LXQ-35D, LXQ-20D harmonic elimination resistor the latest information
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