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The supply RW9-35, RW10-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses

The supply RW9-35, RW10-35 high-voltage current-limiting fuses, RW9-35 high-voltage current-limiting fuses outline

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RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses] products, providing professional [RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

RW9-35/0.5, RW10-35/0.5, RXWO-35/0.5, RW9-35/2, RW10-35/2, RXWO-35/2, RW9-35/3-10A, RW10-35/3- 10A, RXWO-35/3A outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses 

 (1)structural description and dimensions
      Fuse tube by a melt, porcelain, fastening flange, composed of rod post insulators and terminal cap. Pressing both ends of the terminal cap and melt tube fixed in the ceramic comprising a fastening flange porcelain rod post insulators.
      Melt tubes with higher raw material containing silicon oxide interrupter media, the application of small diameter made of wire, fuse. When the overload current short-circuit current through the melt tube, the fuse immediately blows, arc occurred in the narrow gap of a few parallel arc in metal vapor infiltration of quartz sand, a strong free quickly extinguish the arc. Therefore, the performance of this fuse, breaking large capacity.
      Applies to short-circuit and overload protection of transmission lines and power transformers, high voltage fuse is the most simple kind of electrical appliances to protect electrical equipment from damage.
(2) the use of environment
      High-voltage fuse applies to an altitude of 1000 meters; ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ° C, not less than -40 ° C; does not apply to combustion, explosion hazards, severe vibration, swing the impact of place and heavy pollution areas.
(3) install and use
      Fuse to allow horizontal or vertical installation
      Melt tube data and the use of line voltage and rated current does not comply, not access lines.
      Melt tube fuse, the user can self-wiring cap apart, replace the melt of the same specifications and performance requirements.
Dengrui electrical fuse part of the Model:
RW3-10/100A; RW3-10/200A; HRW3-10/100A; HRW3-10/200A; RW10-10F/100A; RW10-10F/200A; HRW10-10F/100A; HRW10-10F/200A; RW11- 10/100A; RW11-10/200A; HRW11-10/100A; HRW11-10/200A; RW5-10/100A; HRW5-10/200A; RW7-10/100A; HRW7-10/200A; RW5-35 / 100A; HRW5-35/100A; PRWG2-35/100A; HPRWG2-35/100A; PRWG2-35/200A; HPRWG2-35/200A drop-out fuse the; RW10-35/0.5A, RW9-35/0.5A RXW0-35/0.5A, RW10-35/2, RWJ-35/0.5-10A outdoor high-voltage fuse;
XRNP1-10/0.5A; XRNP1-10/1A; XRNP1-10/2A; XRNP1-10/3A; XRNP1-10/3.15A; XRNP1-12/0.5A; XRNP1-12/1A; XRNP1-12/2A ; XRNP1-12/3A; XRNP1-12/3.15A; XRNP1-35 (40.5) / 1-3.15A; XRNT1-10/3.15-40A; XRNT1-12/3.15-40A; XRNT1-10/50-100A; XRNT1-12/50-100A; XRNT1-10 (12) / 125A; XRNT1-10 (12 /) 160; XRNT1-10 (12) / 200A; XRNT1-40.5/3.15-40A; XRNT1-35/3.15-40A ; XRNM series of high-voltage current-limiting fuses, RN1-6 (10) / 2-25A; RN1-6 (10) / 30-75A; RN2-6 (10) / 0.5-20A; RN2-6 (10) / 30 -100A; RN3-10/100-200A indoor high-voltage fuse the; RNZ-1.65/3-60A, RNZ-10/0.5-40A DC tube; RNK-6/50-150A glass pipe; BRW-10/2- 10A; BRW-10/25A; BRW-10/40-60A; BRW-10/80A; BRW-10/100A; BRW-10/120A; BRW-10/150A; BRN-10/10-150A; BR1, BRN, BR2, BRW, BRW2, BR power capacitors for the protection fuse
Sources of information:  high-voltage fuses

These are RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses details, if you RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for RW9-35 outdoor high-voltage current-limiting fuses the latest information
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