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The supply TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector

The supply TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protection TBP-C-12.7F/85 the over voltage protection role

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TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector

Yueqing Deng Rui Electric Co., various specifications of the [TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector] products, providing professional [TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector] prices, models, pictures, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages, find [TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector] manufacturers, we chose Dengrui electrical, please contact us!

TBP-B-12.7F/85 overvoltage protection is mainly used for a variety of electrical equipment in power system protection against atmospheric overvoltage operating voltage and power frequency transient over-voltage damage the basis of the power system insulation coordination .

Using advanced formulations based on zinc oxide to the metal oxide surge arresters its core components (varistors), has excellent non-linear (V - On) feature, that is, under normal operating voltage, the current through the only micro- security level, when subjected to voltage, the current passing through instantly reach thousands of amperes, the arrester in a conduction state, the release of over-voltage energy, thus effectively limiting the over-voltage transmission and distribution equipment against.
Traditional silicon carbide arrester high steep wave discharge voltage discharge delayed due to steep waves, the operating wave discharge dispersion lead to disadvantages of operating wave discharge voltage. Zinc oxide arrester with a steep wave response characteristics, the steep wave voltage without delay, the operation residual depression, there is no discharge dispersion, etc.. Makes the steep waves, greatly improve the operating wave protection margin, and insulation coordination, able to do the steep waves, lightning surge, the protection of the operating wave margin is nearly identical, and thus provide the best protection for electrical equipment.
Polymer housed metal oxide surge arresters, the overall injection molding, two encapsulation process, good sealing performance, explosion-proof performance, resistance to dirty no-clean and can reduce the fog, the wet flash, resistance to electrical erosion, aging, small size, weight by, easy to install and maintain. Porcelain bushing arrester replacements.

TBP-B-12.7F/85 the technical standards of the overvoltage protector
Production implementation of the standard GB11032-2000 (eqv IEC60099-4: 1991), "exchange of gapless metal oxide surge arresters, JB/8952-2005 exchange system with polymer housed gapless metal oxide surge arresters"

TBP-B-12.7F/85 the characteristics of voltage protection products
1, small size, light weight, crashworthiness, transport collision damage, flexible installation, suitable for use in the switch cabinet;
2, the special structure of the overall molding molding, no air gap, good sealing performance, moisture proof;
Climb power distance, water repellency, stain resistance ability, stable performance, reduce operation and maintenance;
The unique formula of zinc oxide varistors, the leakage current is small, slow aging, and long service life.
5, in fact, with the DC reference voltage, square wave through flow capacity and large current tolerance is higher than the national standard.
Dengrui electrical overvoltage protector part of the common older models:
Of TBP-A (B, C) and a variety of models; TBP-A-7.6F/85; TBP-B-7.6F/85; TBP-C-7.6F/85; TBP-A-7.6F/131; TBP- B-7.6F/131; TBP-C-7.6F/131; TBP-A (B, C) -7.6F/280W2; TBP-A-12.7F/85; TBP-B-12.7F/85; TBP- C-12.7F/85; TBP-A-12.7F/131; TBP-B-12.7F/131; TBP-C-12.7F/131; TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/280W2; TBP- B (C) -42F/200 (310); TBP-B (C) -42F/630 (400) W
Dengrui the electrical the arrester main products are:
Zinc oxide arrester, composite metal oxide surge arresters, drop arrester removable surge arresters, may cast a lightning arrester, line type arrester combined arresters, power plant type arrester, motor type arrester, distribution type arrester, capacitor type arrester, electrification Railway type arrester, the neutral point arrester low-voltage type arrester, motor type arrester, transformer neutral point arrester engine room arrester discharge counter, surge arrester line monitoring, the arrester disconnector, etc.; arrester Annex: JS-8; JSY -10; JCQ-C; the TLB thermal explosion type out of; arrester mounting bracket (surge arrester mounting plate), wire (from the conductive line), silicone rubber insulation sheathing
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These are TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector details, if you TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector of the price, make, model, parameters, pictures have any questions, please contact us for TBP-C-12.7F/85 overvoltage protector the latest information
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