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Drop the installation of the fuse

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Drop the installation of the fuse
(1) should be installed to melt tension (melt about by the Rally of around 24.5N), otherwise easily lead to the contact heat.
(2) fuse installed in the cross arm (architecture) should be solid and reliable, can not have any shaking or shaking phenomenon.
(3) melting tube should be down 25 ° ± 2 ° angle to facilitate melt fuse melt tube can rely on the rapid fall of its own weight.
(4) The fuse should be installed in the vertical distance from the ground not less than 4m crossarm (architecture), if installed above the distribution transformer should be equipped to become the most outer contour boundary of 0.5m above the horizontal distance to just in case the melting tube fall to lead to other accidents.
(5) melting tube length should be adjusted to moderate requirements after closing beak tongue to withhold more than two-thirds of the contact length in order to avoid malfunction occurred in the operation of self-fall, melt pipe nor the top dead duckbill to prevent a melt fuse melt tube can not be timely to drop.
(6) using the melt must be regular manufacturers of standard products, and has a certain mechanical strength, the general requirements of the melt at least able to withstand the pull of 147N above.
(7) 10kV drop-out fuse is installed outdoors, the phase distance is greater than 70cm.

Collected from a high voltage fuse, reproduced, please indicate
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