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Drop the fuse operating Handling Precautions

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Drop the operation of the fuse
Under normal circumstances do not allow drop-out fuse with a load operation, allowing only its operating no-load equipment (lines). Allowed in the rural network of 10kV distribution lines, branch lines and the rated capacity of less than 200kVA distribution transformer with a load operation according to the following requirements: high-voltage fuses
(1) operation of two carried out (one custody, one person operation), but must wear a qualified and tested insulating gloves, wear insulated boots, protective goggles, and match the use of voltage level qualified insulated rod operation, in thunder and lightning or prohibition of operating heavy rain climate.
(2) drop-out fuse in the wind up its operations, the general provisions of the first to pull off the middle phase, and then pull the leeward side of the phase, and finally pull off the windward edge. This is because the distribution transformers run by the three-phase to two-phase operation, the minimum arcing spark pull off the intermediate phase without causing a short circuit between phases. Followed by pull off the leeward side relative to the intermediate phase has been opened, the leeward side of phase windward side relative to the distance doubling, even if the voltage to produce a very small possibility of causing short circuit between phases. The last pull off the windward side of the phase, only the capacitive current, sparks have already been very slight.
(3) the fuse closing sequence of operations wind up opposite the first close relative to the windward side, and then co-leeward side relative to the last closed intermediate phase.
(4) operating melting tube is a frequent item, note that less than would cause contact burns caused by poor contact, contact overheating, annealing spring, prompting the contact exposure to more adverse, creating a vicious cycle. So, pull, co-melting tube to force moderate, Hao, to double-check the duckbill tongue closely link with more than two-thirds of the tongue length, the available wind up lever hook on the beak down the pressure a few and then gently try to pull, check whether Gehao. Failed to place or closing when the co-solid, the fuse on the static contact pressure can easily cause a contact burn or melt tube fall on their own.

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