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Drop the fuse of the operation and maintenance management, precautions

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Drop the fuse of the operation and maintenance management
(1) In order to fuse more reliable, safe operation, in addition to the procedures required by strict selection of the regular manufacturers of qualified products and accessories (including melting etc.), operation and maintenance management should pay particular attention to the following:
① fuse with rated current of the melt and load current match, if the mis-match must be adjusted.
② fuse each operation should be carefully and not be careless, especially the closing operation must be dynamic, static contact is good contact.
③ The melt pipe must use the standard melt, instead of melt copper wire aluminum wire is prohibited, not allowed to use copper wire, aluminum wire and wire contacts banding living.
④ new installation or replacement of the fuse to the strict inspection procedures, must meet the regulations quality requirements, melt pipe installation angle of about 25 ° tilting of the bottom corner.
⑤The  melt fuse should be replaced with new specifications melt, not the fuse melt linked into the melt tube continue to use.
⑥ should be on the fuse on a regular basis to conduct an inspection at least once a month night inspections, view any sparks and exposure to undesirable phenomena, discharge, accompanied by a hissing sound, as soon as possible to arrange for disposal.
(2) in the spring and seized power outage repair response to the inspection of drop-out fuse to do the following:
① static and dynamic contact contact is matched closely intact, whether it burns.
② Fuse rotating parts are flexible, No rust, rotating flow problems and other abnormalities, components for damage, spring whether to corrosion.
③ melt any damage, whether the fever elongation becomes too much relaxation weakness after long-term power.
④Tube  melting, after repeated action tube gas with the arc tube if burns and sun and rain, whether the damage deformation, the length is shortened.
⑤ cleaning insulators and check for damage, cracks, or discharge traces apart on the lead, using 2500V shake table to test the insulation resistance should be greater than 300MΩ.
⑥ check the fuse to connect the upper and lower lead loose, discharge, overheating.
Check out the defects on the above items must be carefully repair treatment.

Collected from a high voltage fuse, reproduced, please indicate

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