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Drop-out fuse fuse failure cause analysis, and improvement methods and strategies for

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Drop-out fuse fuse Failure Analysis
1 Cause Analysis
1.1 fuse fuse fuse fuse cause off the tube and fuse protection played a role in theory. However, from previous years, the charts can be clearly seen is not normal fuse time-law and climate law, reflected in the 7 August, the temperature is high, electricity load with variable load rises rapidly fuse fuse out of the malfunction to focus on multiple. This fuse is not normal fuse, the reasons are: (1) fuse capacity and distribution transformer capacity improperly configured, up less than a fuse configuration of technical standards. (2) the quality of the fuse, but off the fuse characteristics is relatively poor.
1.2 fuse rolled off can also be seen from the charts in previous years, fuse and injury caused by the out tube no particular time pattern and climate law from rolling off of the fuse body parts found First fuse fixed at both ends of bolts at the fuse in the fuse tube at both ends of metal castings corner. Drop-out fuse fuse rolled off the reasons:
(1) Tighten bolts when the end of the fuse with the rotation of the bolt rotation off shares.
(2) bump sharp edge of the fuse tube at both ends of the metal casting corner, fuse tightly fixed on the run after a period of time, by the vibration of mechanical force, the fuse has been cut and off shares.
1.3 fuse loose fuse on the drop-out fuse, a long period of stress state. Replace the fuse, if on too tight or too loose, after a period of operation, due to the natural environment, mechanical shock, and prolonged exposure to power, will make the fuse out of the tight state. elongated loose, resulting in the failure off the tube or fuse is higher than the original replacement. The reasons are:
(1) replace the fuse, the uneven force the appropriate adjustment.
(2) fuse loose pulled out, mainly refers to the fuse body is pulled out from the multi-strand line crimp at the end of the type of problem is the manufacturers of the product quality problems.
(3) The running of the drop-out fuse in a long time, especially long-term and a smaller load distribution transformer fuse tube water damp fuse mold off phenomenon occurs.
2 Strategies
2.1 procurement of qualified products.
2.2 configuration fuse capacity in accordance with relevant rules of order to select:
(1) The transformer primary side of the fuse as the transformer itself and the secondary side outlet fault backup protection, compatible with the action of the substation outlet switch relay time must be less than the breaking time of Substation Circuit Breaker require a blown fuse, while exports of the circuit breaker does not operate. Transformer capacity at 100kV. A below one side of the fuse can be 2 to 3 times the rated current selection; in 100kV. A & distribution transformer, the primary fuse can be 1.5 to 2 times the rated current selection.
(2) branch line of Route fuse as overload protection, generally based on the maximum load current of the branch line to select the rated current of the fuse, the fuse time should be less than the setting time of switch-current protection device for substation outlet.
(3) the establishment of drop-out fuse run maintenance ledger and system run-time drop-out fuse in more than five years, should be batch replacement.
(4) improve the technical quality of an electrician and maintenance process. Install or replace a fuse, it force moderately, to avoid too loose, too tight.
(5) on both ends of the fuse tube casting uneven defects, the manufacturer should be "chamfer" processing or for other improvements.

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