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The composition of the drop-out fuse, functional use, melting choose

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The composition of drop-out fuse
Drop-out fuse insulated bearing, static and dynamic contact, fuse tube composed of three parts. The static contact at both ends of the insulated bearing fuse also oxygen tube from the inner arc tube and the outer layer of phenolic paper tube or glass fiber cloth tube composition.

Functional use
Drop-out fuse is applicable to the frequency of 50HZ, rated voltage of 35KV and below the power system, installed in the high pressure side of the distribution transformer or distribution of the trunk road. The main function of place to protect the performance of less demanding, it can be used in conjunction with isolation switch, instead of the automatic air switch; can also be used in conjunction with the load switch, instead of the high cost of the circuit breaker. Also has short circuit protection, overload and circuit isolation.
Technical performance
Product performance in line with GB15166.3-94 national standards and technical requirements of IEC282-2 international standard.

Environmental conditions
A normal use conditions:
a) the ambient air temperature: +40 ° C upper limit, lower limit of -30 ° C.
b) The altitude does not exceed 1000m
c) The maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m / s
d) non-recurrent severe vibration
(2) does not apply to the following places:
a) a place of fire or explosion risk
b) a location where there is severe vibration or shock
c) electrical conductivity, chemical gases and heavy pollution of (not to exceed the level of contamination: III level), salt spray areas

Melting pieces of selection
High pressure drop Fuse Fuse (film) size selection is mainly depending on the object of protection, select the appropriate model and the corresponding time - current characteristics of fuse, taking into account lower-level co-ordination and other factors, in order to select specific parameters.

The course of their work
Series fuse in the power lines, in normal operation, the fuse with a button installed in the fuse tube on contact, to be fitted with pressure release cap pressed tablet, fuse the end of line through the pipe pull out the fuse will pop up to twist anti-pressure near the nozzle, connected with the next contact, the fuse has been pop-plate torque in tension, and tighten the joint activities. The fuse in the closing position on the static contact down and outward thrust of the shrapnel, so that the fuse contacts are more reliable.
When the power system failure, the fault current will fuse quickly fuse in the melting tube arcing, the fuse tube to produce large amounts of gas in the arc under, when the gas pressure value exceeds a given release tablet that is, with the button discount to open, thereby reducing the pressure within the fuse tube, strongly to the zero crossing of the current free, so that the arc extinguished. When gas does not exceed a given pressure value, the release tablet does not act, the current 0:00 to produce strong to free gas emitted from under the spout, pop-up board quickly pull out the fuse tails, so that the arc extinguished. Fuse blows, activities, joint release, the fuse tube pressure on the static contact shrapnel, and with our own self-respect the role of the rapid drop, cut off the circuit, the formation of a breaking gap.

Collected by high-voltage current-limiting fuses, reproduced, please indicate

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