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The classification of the fuse tube fuses Expulsion fuses structural use

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Fuse the classification
(1) spiral fuse RL:
In the fuse tube equipped with a quartz sand, buried in which the melt, melt the fuse, the arc sprayed into the quartz sand and gap, rapid cooling and extinguished. In order to facilitate monitoring, the fuse at one end equipped with a color point, different colors represent different melt current melt fuse, the color point jump, indicating that the melt blown. Spiral fuse rated current is 5 ~ 200A, mainly used for branch circuit short-circuit current, or a place with flammable gas.
(2) the filler tube fuse by RT:
Filler tube fuse is the fuse of the role of a limited flow. Filled with porcelain fused tube of quartz sand, contacts and silver-plated copper grid-like melt composition. The filler tube fuses are installed in a special base, such as with Isolating Switch the base or the base of the fuse for the isolation knife through the manual agencies. The filler tube fuse rated current of 50 ~ 1000A is mainly used for short-circuit current of the circuit or a place with flammable gas.
(3) No filler tube fuses the RM:
The filler tube fuses fuse tube is made of fiber material. The use of melt of variable cross-section of the zinc alloy film. Melt the fuse, the part of the fibers, the fibers melt tube due to thermal decomposition, to produce high-pressure gas, the arc quickly extinguished. No filler tube fuse has a simple structure, and performance protection, easy to use, generally fuse knife switch used in combination with the knife switch.
(4) fill the closed tube fast fuse RS:
Fill a closed tube fast fuse is a fast-acting type fuse, fuse tube, contact base, the action indicator and melt composition. Melt silver narrow cross-section or a mesh form, melt one-time use, can not be replaced. Because of its rapid action, and general protection of semiconductor rectifier elements.
(5) can be divided into high-voltage fuses and low-voltage fuse fuse based on the use of voltage. Object of protection can be divided into the fuse protection of transformers and general electrical equipment used to protect the voltage transformer fuse to protect the power capacitor fuse to protect the semiconductor elements fuse to protect the motor fuses and protection of household appliances fuse and so on. According to the structure can be divided into open-type, semi-enclosed tube and jet fuse.
(6) open fuse structure is simple, melt completely exposed to the air, and be supported by the porcelain column, no bearings, suitable for low voltage outdoor use. Breaking current in the atmosphere to produce a larger sound and light.
(7) semi-enclosed fuse melt mounted on porcelain rack, and insert both ends of the porcelain box with a metal socket, suitable for low-voltage indoor use. Breaking current, the resulting sound and light porcelain box blocked.
(8) tube fuse melt installed in the fuse body. Then inserted in the bearing or directly connected to the circuit. Fuse both ends of the sets of the metal cap or with a touch knife completely sealed insulating tube. This fuse insulating tube filled with quartz sand, breaking current with limiting the role, can greatly improve the breaking capacity, it is also known as high breaking capacity fuses. If the vacuum tube, called vacuum fuse. Tube filled with SF6 gas, known as SF6 fuse, which aims to improve the extinction performance. Quartz sand, vacuum and SF6 gas has good insulation properties, this fuse is not only applicable to low pressure is also suitable for high pressure.
(9) Expulsion fuses will melt mounted within the insulating tube made of materials by the solid gas. The solid produced gas materials can be electrical anti-white board or plexiglass material. When the short-circuit current through the melt, the melt then fuse arcing, high temperature arc solid gas production materials decompose rapidly to produce a large number of high-pressure gas, thereby ionizing the gas with the arc spray pipe at both ends, and issued a great sound and light. breaking current and AC current zero extinguished arc. Insulating tube is usually mounted on an insulated stand, form a fuse as a whole. Sometimes insulated tube top is made movable to disengage and fall immediately after the breaking current, such Expulsion fuses commonly known as drop fuse. Generally applicable to a voltage higher than 6 kV outdoor occasions.
In addition, fuse breaking current range can be divided into general-purpose fuses, spare fuses and a full range of fuses. Refers to the breaking current range of general purpose fuses from overload current greater than the rated current from 1.6 to 2 times, to the maximum breaking current range. This fuse is mainly used for protection of power transformers and electrical equipment. Backup fuse breaking current range 4 to 7 times greater than the rated current range until the maximum breaking current overload current. This fuse is often used in series with the contactor and overload current range of 4 to 7 times less than the rated current, the contactor breaking protection. Mainly used to protect the motor.
With the industrial development needs but also to create a special fuse suitable for various requirements, such as electronic fuses, thermal fuses and resettable fuse.
Role of fuses in a simple and effective protection appliances. Mainly from the short-circuit protection circuit. Fuse from the melt and the installing melt the insulation pipe (insulated seat). When used, the melt in series with the circuit being protected circuit short-circuit fault occurs, the melt was instantaneous fuse and break the circuit, play a protective role. The role of the fuse is: when the circuit failure or abnormal, along with current rising, and increased current may damage the circuit device or valuable devices may also be the burning of the circuit and even cause a fire. Circuit correctly placed in fuses, then the fuse will be in the current abnormal rise to a certain height and a certain amount of time, its own fuse to cut off the current, and thus play the role of the safe operation of the protection circuit. The first fuse was invented by Thomas Edison more than a hundred years ago, industrial technology, underdeveloped incandescent very expensive, so initially it used to protect expensive incandescent lamps.

Collected by high-voltage current-limiting fuses, reproduced, please indicate

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