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Zinc oxide arrester installation, the arrester works

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Zinc oxide arrester basic principle:
Zinc oxide arrester is the international ideal overvoltage protection, which uses zinc oxide resistor main components, compared with traditional silicon carbide arrester, has greatly improved the volt-ampere characteristic of the varistor to improve the flow capacity can be made no gap arrester. Therefore brought a fundamental change in the electrical structure characteristics.
When the arrester under normal operating voltage, flow through lightning current is microampere level, when subjected to the voltage, the arrester excellent non-linear characteristics played a role in thousands of amperes, the current flowing through the arrester, the arrester in a conduction state , the release of over-voltage energy, thus preventing the infringement of the over-voltage transmission and distribution equipment. 

Zinc oxide arrester role:
10kV distribution grid of metal oxide surge arresters
The arrester main role is to protect electrical equipment from lightning invasion wave voltage and operating voltage of their equipment insulation damage.

The zinc oxide arrester installation:
Correctly select the installation of metal oxide surge arresters should be noted that installation and maintenance matters
(1) should be proofread before installation nameplate, the rated voltage of the arrester should be in line with the mount point of the system voltage;
(2) fixed arrester bracket, on terminals and high-voltage coupling the next terminal to be reliable grounding;
(3) can not be arrester as a load-bearing supporting insulator should be as close as possible to the protected equipment installation, in order to reduce the impact of the distance of the protective effect;
(4) terminal arrester should be installed after the drop-out fuse, in order to facilitate the breaking of its protective effect, the transformer low voltage side of the low-voltage surge arresters should be installed to prevent the pros and cons of the transformation caused by the over-voltage damage to the transformer;
(5) the use of surge arresters should be noted that the place of use of ambient temperature, the metal oxide surge arresters are not suitable for installation in vibration or serious foul and a place of serious corrosive gases;
(6) the synthesis of metal oxide surge arresters in operation and at least two years of each run should do the preventive test;
(7) metal oxide surge arresters with brass double-layer bottom cover sealed and put into operation, every five years should be carried out preventive tests, measurement of leakage current, should be imposed on both sides of the arrester 10kV DC voltage (AC ripple is not greater than ± 1.5%), leakage current meets its products specified value;
(8) The arrester grounding shall comply with the requirements of the grounding point of order.

Zinc oxide arrester selection:
Arrester should be noted that in the selection
The first choice should be noted that the use of premises, place different arrester model is also different.
Distribution Type: protection of the corresponding voltage rating of switchgear, transformers, box-type variable, cables, first-class related to distribution equipment from the atmosphere and operating over-voltage damage, should choose the "HY5WS metal oxide surge arresters.
Power Station type: protection of power plants, substations, AC electrical equipment from the atmosphere over voltage and over-voltage damage, you can choose "HY5WZ or" Y5WZ to "type;
Motor type: limit the vacuum circuit breaker or less oil circuit breaker switching of rotating electrical machines, over-voltage protection of rotating electrical machines from operating over-voltage damage, you can choose the type of the "HY2.5WD or the" Y2.5WD ";
Capacitor type: Inhibition of vacuum circuit breakers or less oil circuit breaker operating the capacitor bank overvoltage protection of capacitor banks from operating voltage damage, optional "HY5WR,.

Source: High Voltage Fuse
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