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ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse

Product ID:DR-GYRS-002    Released in:2021-8-24    Click:199    Brand:Deng Rui Electric   【See product catalog

ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuseDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse】,And provide a variety of【ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【ABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuse】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

ABB type high voltage fuse melt with silver copper alloy, the melt as part of the double melt design can be fast fuse and increasing the static tension. Outside the melt has the waterproof insulating tube, protects the melt. For button fixed to mobile is internally provided with a screw thread can be disassembled, supporting the high-end import fuse (for example: abb, shienxi, Cooper), can also supporting domestic jet type fuse and drop type fuse is used.

These areABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuseFor more information, if youABB type high voltage fuse_drop fusePrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usABB type high voltage fuse_drop fuseThe latest information.


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