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CTB-4 secondary overvoltage protector

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CTB-4 secondary overvoltage protectorDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【CT secondary overvoltage protector】,And provide a variety of【CT secondary overvoltage protector】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【CT secondary overvoltage protector】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

Current transformer secondary overvoltage protector

CT secondary use of over-voltage protection
Current transformer (CT) in the power system widely used in the circuit of a measurement and control system, the normal working hours, similar to short-circuit in the transformer secondary side of the state, the output voltage is very low, during operation, such as a secondary open winding or a winding current anomalies (thundering currents, capacitor charging current, resonance over-current, the inductor current starts, etc.), will generate thousands of volts in the secondary or even thousands of volts over-voltage, the safety of operating personnel and instrumentation pose a threat to the insulation.

Our response to this situation, the development of the DR-CTB series of CT over-voltage protection devices, which can effectively prevent accidents caused by CT secondary open, widely used in high voltage switching power systems, high voltage switchgear in indoor current transformer, the current outdoor transformer, box-type substation current transformers installed in place of the current sensor, used in CT side of the differential winding, over-current winding, measuring winding, busbar protection winding, winding back and so on.

functions and features
 Acquisition CT secondary open circuit voltage signal generated by a high moment, the instantaneous short-circuit the CT secondary side, eliminating the CT secondary side over-voltage generated.
 normal operation, the device showed a high impedance state, measuring instruments, protection devices are not affected.
 monitoring up to eight winding.
 fast time, less than 0.02 seconds.
 After the device action can provide passive normally open alarm contacts.
 If the problem does not disappear, press the reset button is invalid, to prevent accidents caused by misuse.
 use of multi-level circuit isolation to ensure reliable operation of the circuit, and no mutual interference between channels.

Technical Parameters
1 environmental requirements
 use indoors, ventilation should be good.
 Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
 Relative humidity: less than 90% non-condensing surface.
 atmospheric pressure: 80 ~ 110Kpa.
 Altitude: <2000m.
 surrounding medium without metal or conductive dust and cause damage to the insulation corrosive gases, mold, etc.
2 Specifications
 Power supply: AC/DC220V (if any special requirements, please note when ordering).
 operating voltage (peak): 360V.
 Operating time: less than 20ms.
 Export Contact capacity: 8A.
 leakage current during normal operation: <20μA
 Dimensions (mm): 145 (length) × 90 (width) × 72 (D)
 Installation Type: Bottom rail mounted.

These areCT secondary overvoltage protectorFor more information, if youCT secondary overvoltage protectorPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usCT secondary overvoltage protectorThe latest information.


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