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CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protection

Product ID:DR-GDY-009    Released in:2021-8-24    Click:217    Brand:Deng Rui Electric   【See product catalog

CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protectionDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protection】,And provide a variety of【CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protection】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protection】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protector product images, CTB, series of the current transformer secondary overvoltage protection products Figure
CTB-3, secondary overvoltage protection products pictures, CTB, series of the current transformer secondary overvoltage protection products Figure
CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protector terminal block diagram (J1 J2 remote reset, K1, the K2, normally open contact)
CTB-3, secondary overvoltage protector terminal block diagram
CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protector wiring diagram
CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protector wiring diagram
CTB-3Secondary overvoltage protector shape size chart (Installation: rail mounting)
CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protector shape size chart (Installation: rail mounting)
CTB-3 secondary overvoltage protector Product Overview
DR-CTB-3 Series CT overvoltage protection device is mainly used for 110kV and below the voltage level of the differential winding of the CT secondary side in a variety of abnormal over-voltage protection winding, measuring winding, spare winding protection.
Normal working hours, the transformer secondary side in the approximate short-circuit state, the output voltage is very low. Operation of primary and secondary windings open, primary winding flows through the abnormal current (thunder currents, resonant over-current, capacitive charging current, inductance starting current, etc.) will be several thousand volts, or even tens of thousands of volts on the secondary side voltage. This will not only cause harm to the secondary system insulation, but also transformer excesses while burning, and even endanger the lives and safety of staff.
DR-the CTB-3 series of CT over-voltage protection devices will be able to effectively prevent accidents caused by open circuit current transformer secondary.
DR-the CTB-3 series of microprocessor-based CT over-voltage protection device with high-performance chip with fast processing speed, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability. The protection device is connected to both ends of the secondary winding, the leakage current is very small during normal operation, into a high impedance state. When the abnormal over-voltage occurs, the processing based on logic and screening, rapid action shorted transformer secondary circuit, in order to play the role of protecting the CT, while the panel is displayed on the site of failure, and at the same time passive signal output. Troubleshooting circuit restitution, the reset button to reset to protect the device back into normal operation.

CTB-3 Secondary overvoltage protector features
Protection device anti-jamming capability, high reliability;
Protection devices, small size, debug, and easy installation;
Normal working hours, the current flowing into the protector does not exceed 0.1mA, CT does not affect the normal work;
When the quadratic A (or B, C) and the voltage across more than 130V CTB-3 short A (or B, and C) with N;
Short export contacts of the output capacity of more than 6A. Excessive voltage, reliable make the CT secondary side short;
Output short then contact has a hold function, can be a place "Reset" button to revert to;
Lifted in a blackout state failure, automatic reset after power on the device;
The device provides a pair of normally open alarm contacts, contacts the capacity AC220V/2A, can be accessed by a variety of sound and light alarm;

CTB-3 technical parameters of the second overvoltage protector
Model DR-the CTB-3
Power supply AC/DC220 ± 10%
Power consumption ≤ 5W
Leakage current IL (20V) ≤ 5uA
Turn-on voltage Uc 150 ± 10% (can be set according to user requirements)
Conduction time of Ts 50ms ≤ TS ≤ 250ms
Alarm output contact capacity AC220V/2A
Shorted output contact capacity AC220V/5A
CT specifications of the secondary side of the peak ≥ 130V
Protect current 5A
Temperature -20 ℃ ~ +70 ° C working environment
Environment humidity ≤ 95% RH
Manual reset of the reset
Reliable security to meet the requirements of IEC834-1 

CTB-3Secondary overvoltage protector wiring principle
CTB-A (or B, C), the N-terminal and receiving the CT secondary side (see above).
If necessary alarm contacts connected to the other monitoring and control devices.
Protection action, the corresponding phase indicator lights on the panel.
The fault is removed, press the panel on "Reset" button, or remotely, to protect the device reversion, reverted to the indicator
Eliminate the fault disappears, the protection device to rejoin the workforce.
Troubleshooting in case of power failure, you do not need to operate. The device is automatically reset after power.

CTB-3Secondary overvoltage protector detection methods
Protection device prior to use for testing, measurement of A (or B, C) and N both ends of the Multimeter block, the value should be over hundreds of megohms.
Protection in the test should be Fig. Respectively individually connected a good circuit, the voltage regulator transferred to the 0V position, to protect the device power protection devices automatically "reset", action lights should be extinguished, the power light is lit.
Slowly turn the regulator handle, so that the voltage gradually increased, when the voltage rises to the output voltage greater than 150V, the light bulb suddenly lit bright red light on the action panel. Then reduce the voltage to 120V below the bulb still will not be extinguished, which indicates that the short-circuit is working voltage protection device, then press the "reset" button, the red action light of the protection device is off, when the bulb goes out, A (or B C), N is disconnected, the protection device to restore the initial state. Usually light bulb voltage, about 10% lower than CT protector voltage

CTBSecondary overvoltage protector part of the model:
DR-CTB-1, DR-CTB-2, DR-CTB-3, DR-CTB-4,DR-CTB-6,DR-CTB-9,DR-CTB-12 CT secondary overvoltage protection CTB-1,CTB-2,CTB-3,CTB-4,CTB-5,CTB-6,CTB-12 CT secondary overvoltage protection.

These areCTB-3 secondary overvoltage protectionFor more information, if youCTB-3 secondary overvoltage protectionPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usCTB-3 secondary overvoltage protectionThe latest information.

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