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HY5WZ-26/66 MOA

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HY5WZ-26/66 MOADetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【HY5WZ-26/66 MOA】,And provide a variety of【HY5WZ-26/66 MOA】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【HY5WZ-26/66 MOA】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

HY5WZ-26/66 high voltage arrester INFORMATION
Metal oxide surge arresters, the English called Metal Oxide Arrester, referred MOA. Gapless metal oxide arresters, refers only metal oxide varistor connected in series and (or) in parallel, without parallel or series consisting of the discharge gap arrester is to protect electrical equipment from a variety of over-voltage damage protective equipment. Over-voltage power system by lightning, switching operation or malfunction caused, can be divided into three categories: temporary over-voltage, over-voltage, lightning overvoltage (or atmospheric over-voltage). Pressure developed in the seventies arrester is a new type of arrester, it mainly consists of zinc oxide varistor composition. Each piece is made when there is a pressure-sensitive resistor from which a certain switching voltage (called varistor), in the normal operating voltage (i.e., less than the varistor voltage) varistor large value corresponds insulated, but in under impulse voltage (varistor voltage greater than), varistor breakdown was low, equivalent to short-circuit condition. However varistor hit state can be restored; varistor voltage when the voltage is higher than after the revocation, it also restored the high-impedance state. Therefore, in the high-voltage power line surge arresters such as installation, when the over-voltage produced when a high voltage to varistor breakdown, the current through the varistor into the earth, so that the power line voltage control in a safe range, thereby protecting the electrical equipment safety. To make HY5WZ-26/66 pressure arrester can reliably protect electrical equipment, high-voltage surge arrester requirements HY5WZ-26/66 - voltage in electrical equipment - voltage below, when the system generates over-voltage, the voltage across the capacitor elevated arrester action to limit the voltage across the capacitor arrester protection level or less. Currently oxide surge arrester valve is the main component of zinc oxide, it is also often referred to as high-voltage surge arrester.
Currently used HY5WZ-26/66 pressure arrester porcelain and composite sleeve jacket are two arresters composite jacket coat material selection ingredient is methyl vinyl silicone rubber. Composite jacket arrester and arrester porcelain, has the following characteristics:
(1) light weight, small size;
(2) arresters good stain resistance, the use of hydrophobic silicone rubber jacket, outside arrester improved insulation properties, reduce the maintenance workload of the device;
(3) proof performance arrester, epoxy glass tube made of silicone rubber material and the composite jacket, conducive to the release of internal pressure arrester failure to avoid other equipment arrester explosion hazards. Therefore, it is often used in the composite jacket MOA.
HY5WZ-26/66 high voltage arrester Model Description
Product Type: Y-ceramic encased composite jacket MOA YH-oxide surge arresters
Structure: W-C-series gap gapless B-parallel gap
Use spaces: S-distribution type Z-station-type B-D-shunt capacitor motor with T-electrified railway line with the X-Type
Additional Features: W-pollution-G-plateau with TH-Humid Tropics
According arrester region filthy conditions outside the standard GB/T5582 selection arrester insulation pollution levels. Contamination level is divided into four, provides coats minimum nominal creepage distance requirements:
Class I light polluted areas 17mm/kV;
Medium grade Ⅱ filthy areas 20mm/kV;
Ⅲ grade heavy dirty areas 25mm/kV;
Ⅳ grade special heavy pollution areas 31mm/kV. 

HY5WZ-26/66 high voltage arrester installation method
With the power of continuous upgrading of products, HY5WZ-26/66 pressure arrester due to its inherent significant advantages, has been gradually replaced by porcelain arrester in the distribution network to be more widely applied. However, the practice at the grassroots level, find that an individual electrical distribution transformer arrester is installed, or the lack of knowledge of installation methods for convenience, the arrester is horizontal or inclined installation, this violation of "power installations with technical regulations" installation , not only shorten the life of high-voltage surge arrester, while giving the safe operation of distribution transformer potential problems.
One, HY5WZ-26/66 Surge Arresters organic composite jacket material property requirements installed vertically, horizontally or inclined installation of surge arresters due to the long bear its own weight and the stress caused by lead, inevitably lead to its coats tensile strength decreased, not only to the arrester The insulating seal pose a serious threat, and even the possibility of breakage caused arrester.
Two, HY5WZ-26/66 high dynamic stability design requirements arrester installed vertically, when the lines or equipment subjected to atmospheric over-voltage and internal over-voltage, accompanied by a strong current from the electric power on a horizontal or inclined arresters installed undoubtedly worse, it exacerbated the extent of the damage arrester insulating seal to further shorten the life of the high-pressure surge arrester. From the above analysis we can see, HY5WZ-26/66 pressure surge arrester installation can not be installed using horizontal or inclined manner, and in the case of proper installation, but also should not be used as a load-bearing insulators, while on the lead you want to select an appropriate , that can not affect the protective effect of long, but not too tight causing unnecessary stress to the arrester in a special installation requirements should also refer to the relevant rules and use the instructions included with the product.
Three, HY5WZ-26/66 pressure arrester impurity / water rain skirt design requirements vertical installation, when the horizontal or inclined installation arrester that the air in the wind blowing dust and dust adhering on the surface of the insulating jacket, or cloth full upper and lower electrode insulator, causing voltage insulator surface coat unevenly distributed along the surface voltage flicker reduction, when the case of drizzle, fog, dew condensation wet weather, not only will the insulating jacket surface wetting, and will cause the water film coat insulators through the upper and lower electrodes to the surface flashover voltage further deterioration eventually cause the entire surface of the insulating jacket along breakdown.

These areHY5WZ-26/66 MOAFor more information, if youHY5WZ-26/66 MOAPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usHY5WZ-26/66 MOAThe latest information.

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