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JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protection

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JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protectionDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protection】,And provide a variety of【JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protection】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【JLC-9S secondary overvoltage protection】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

JLC-9S current transformer secondary overvoltage protection device principles
JLC-9S current transformer secondary overvoltage protector is the basic component of the developed special ZnO varistor, CTB-9 current transformer secondary overvoltage protection devices in addition to the General characteristics of ZnO varistor in addition to temperature phase-change characteristics of both (I). It parallel to the CT secondary winding protection at both ends, normal working pressure-sensitive resistor at each end of the voltage to the load impedance of the secondary and the product of current (Z2 JLC-9S· I2), this value is typically less than 20V. Varistor in the close-circuit breaker high impedance state, JLC-9S for CT current transformer secondary current overvoltage protective device referred to as leakage current, is less than 5mA (U1mA 800V) and 8mA (U1mA>800V), on the impact of the action value of circuit protection and metering accuracy is negligible. Exception occurred when open-circuit secondary circuit or a winding stream, the generated voltage in the secondary winding is much higher than the normal operating voltage (the value depends on the CT parameters and operating conditions), and varistor moments of entering the on-State. Due to the inherent properties of ZnO varistor, overvoltage is effectively limited to a selected value, current through Varistors, temperature phase change occurs, finally entering the stable short circuits, thus completely avoiding the overvoltage hazard. Varistor phase transition of type protector cannot recover after short circuit and must be replaced. In order for protection to be reused multiple times, our newly developed the use of new components and where ZnO varistor protection unit (type IV and type Z), they can reliably in a 20ms of over-voltage short circuit secondary windings and light emitting display, can provide open circuit (or pressure) signals and blocking differential protection in Japan. After troubleshooting, to reset it you can use again, life can be up to more than tens of thousands followed, after avoiding action replace the Protector's troubles, more convenient operation.
JLC-9S current transformer secondary overvoltage protectors for electrical parameters
· Nominal voltage U1mA (1mA DC reference voltage) U1mA=800V if you have a specific need can be agreed. · The ambient temperature: ± 40 ° c
· residual compression ratio: Cu=UA/U1mA<1.7
· nonlinear coefficient: a=15~20 · normal leakage current: I20V<5 ц a
· maximum through-traffic 200A/s
· impulse response speed: 50ns
· breakover time limit: 15ms

JLC-9S current transformer secondary overvoltage protector size chart

JLC-9S current transformer secondary terminals overvoltage protective device

JLC-9S current transformer secondary overvoltage protection device wiring diagram

These areJLC-9S secondary overvoltage protectionFor more information, if youJLC-9S secondary overvoltage protectionPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usJLC-9S secondary overvoltage protectionThe latest information.


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