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JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter

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JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counterDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter】,And provide a variety of【JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【JS-8, JSY-10 discharge counter】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

discharge counter
Lightning arrester lightning discharge counter is used to monitor the action of a high-voltage electrical discharge, and its construction by the nonlinear resistance, electromagnetic counter, and some electronic components. In the normal operating voltage, the leakage current flowing through the counter is very small, the counter does not move. When the lightning arrester by wave action and wave frequency over voltage, a strong current through the nonlinear resistance from the counter, after DC conversion of the electromagnetic coil discharge leaving absorption counter move once, to achieve the measurement of the number of arrester operation device. In the structure of a varistor to take pressure, electromagnetic coil moves, counter displays, transparent glass, rubber sealing pad, the bottom plate and the sealing flange, etc. card installed, high-pressure outlet side leads from the bottom center.
JS-8-type sheet resistance of the discharge counter the use of SiC for 5kV 35kV and below the system voltage level of the arrester.
JSY-10/600-type zinc oxide arrester discharge counter the use of dedicated ZnO varistors, 5 ~ 10KV system for 220kV and below grade zinc oxide surge arresters, surge arrester for line detection and
  arrester monitor
In addition to monitoring lightning arrester monitor discharge action features, but also to monitor the arrester leakage current changes in the operation of the arrester are given timely and reliable data quality, to prevent accidents, improve power system reliability.
JCQ-C Series monitor the use of ZnO varistor for 5 ~ 10kA system 330kV and below grade zinc oxide surge arresters.
JCQ-C5-type monitor is in summary the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology developed on the production of a new monitor, an alarm with fault flash device;
JCQ-C6 monitor built-in dual ammeter, in addition to monitoring the leakage current flowing through the arrester, the arrester can monitor the flow through the appearance of the leakage current for the operation of reference.
Discharge counter performance to meet the national standard JB/T2440-1991 "lightning arrester discharge counter." Monitor product performance to meet national standards JB/T10492-2004.
Environmental conditions and the use of surge arresters connected to the same.
  structure and characteristics
The overall use of innovative and unique structural design, compact structure, excellent sealing performance, stable and reliable;
Stainless steel shell, beautiful and strong, good shock resistance, corrosion resistance, ease of transportation, installation, long life;
The use of three (two or five) electromagnetic counter, automatically returns to zero after the full-scale, cycle counting work, without clear;
Current measurement using a special non-linear scale milliammeter, with a clear reading, a small current area high resolution, anti-vibration advantages;
Milliammeter specially marked with a color scale, respectively arrester leakage current operating area, convenient to determine the operational status of the arrester; with failure alarm, arrester leakage current exceeds a set value, can automatically send an alarm signal, the signal way for Flashing Red type, consistent with human visual physiological characteristics, improved early warning capabilities.
Technical Data Sheet
Discharge counter, surge arrester line monitoring parameter list

Outline dimensions
Discharge counter, surge arrester, the shape of the line detectors and installation dimensions

These areJS-8, JSY-10 discharge counterFor more information, if youJS-8, JSY-10 discharge counterPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usJS-8, JSY-10 discharge counterThe latest information.


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