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JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter

Product ID:DR-JSQ-003    Released in:2021-8-24    Click:300    Brand:Deng Rui Electric   【See product catalog

JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counterDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter】,And provide a variety of【JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter (stainless steel casing) advantages
JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter (stainless steel housing) is mainly composed by components such as valves, silicon bridge rectifier, capacitor, electromagnetic counter. It is the use of energy through the arrester (inrush current freewheeling), the pressure on the valve plate, silicon bridge rectifiers, one way to charge the capacitor, and the DC of electromagnetic counters coil discharge and the counter suction Activity (i.e. recorded once), to achieve the number of times of the recording operation. Dengrui electrical structure of the first to adopt the stainless steel housing, sealed rubber pad, floor and flange sealed card installed; leads to high pressure outlet side from the bottom plate center. JS-8 JSY-discharge counter stainless steel housing design than the original glass envelope is more durable, more beautiful, more atmosphere, more taste, JS-8 JSY-discharge counter (stainless steel shell) with high sensitivity, records accurately clear, reliable display, a compact structure, beautiful appearance, installation is easy to use and reliable sealing advantages JS-8 JSY-8 discharge counter dimensions see attached .

JS-8, JSY-8 parameters standard discharge counter (stainless steel housing)
JS-8, JSY-8 discharge counter comply with the machinery of the standard provisions of the JS-2440-78 discharge counter technical conditions ". In the current workers wave 8/20μS impact frequency freewheeling joint, JS-8 ,6-220, 1 value in the waveform 3/20μS spoke 100 ~ 5000A 5000A, 20 times the impact of current and accurate action: 151,162 166,2.8, JS-8A, 330 and more than 1.1 in waveform 8/20μS, the amplitude of the the 100 ~ 10000A impact current and accurate action, 1000A, 20 times more than.

JS-8, JSY-8 wiring methods of discharge counter (stainless steel housing)
First turn to shake the table to charge the capacitor, stable charging, disconnect the charging circuit in the case to keep the speed of the shake table, then a charged capacitor discharge time on both ends of the discharge counter, the counter should be recorded once. Consecutive test 10 times, the pointer rotates once accurately reliable action, that the good performance of the discharge counter action. Otherwise required maintenance.

These areJS-8, JSY-8 discharge counterFor more information, if youJS-8, JSY-8 discharge counterPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usJS-8, JSY-8 discharge counterThe latest information.

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