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RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D round aluminum foot to install a harmonic elimination

Product ID:DR-XXQ-017    Released in:2021-8-24    Click:89    Brand:Deng Rui Electric   【See product catalog

RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D round aluminum foot to install a harmonic eliminationDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D】,And provide a variety of【RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

Product Overview
The new RXQ voltage transformer neutral point of the nonlinear harmonic elimination damper resistance (simple harmonic elimination pin), is installed in 6-35kV voltage transformer (referred to as PT) primary winding (or secondary winding) Y. One hundred linear harmonic elimination damping resistor junction line between neutral and ground. Compared with the traditional RXQ type harmonic elimination, the new RXQ type harmonic elimination harmonic elimination from the increased heat capacity starting in the design of a larger improvement. Harmonic elimination using superior grade raw electrical hole, ultrafine particles of SIC-based materials, large-tonnage hydraulic machine pressed into high-density body, in a reducing atmosphere by thousands of degrees of high temperature sintering. Bare resistor surface structure specially treated with anti-rain function (one of the main indicators of SIC harmonic elimination is not excited after washout action Ling explosion), can be used directly outdoors. The new RXQ type resonance eliminator because of its small size, light weight, high strength, heat dissipation, eliminating the mass RXQ type harmonic elimination of porcelain shell, easier to install, very popular with customers.

RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D round aluminum foot to install a harmonic elimination products perform GB GB / T 16927, enterprise standard Q / DR.J-2006

1, harmonic elimination or damping caused by ferromagnetic resonance voltage transformer to avoid internal voltage transformer, external insulation breakdown, discharge;
2, limiting the system in single-phase or overcurrent flows arc grounding transformer winding voltage transformer to avoid burning;
3, small size, light weight, easy to install, convenient and flexible.
Conditions of Use
1, ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;
2, the power frequency: 48Hz ~ 62Hz;
3, 8 degree earthquake intensity and the following areas;
4, although the rain Harmonic elimination function, but not long withstand direct sun and rain.

Model says
RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D Harmonic Elimination Model Description
Electrical Performance
Voltage level DC Characteristics
Nonlinear coefficient
0.3mA AC voltage
3mA AC voltage
Heat capacity
6kV、10kV 1.45~1.65/15 0.40~0.45 130±50 500±100 By
35kV 4.0~4.2/42 0.40~0.45 450±50 1400±150 By
6kV、10kV(Secondary side) 1.60~1.70/15 0.40~0.45 110±50 400±100 By
6kV、10kV(Subminiature) 1.60~1.70/15 0.40~0.45 120±50 450±100 By
Use the Select
Harmonic elimination choices listed in the table, such as when a user with a voltage transformer (voltage variable) model can not be found in the table, the table can compare similar types of insulation reference use.
Suitable optional RXQ-, RXQ3-, RXQ4- type transformer model Suitable optional RXQ- (D), RXQ3- (D), weak insulated transformer model
JDZJ-6,10 JSJW-6,10 JDEJ-6,10 JDZX6-6,10 JDZX8-6,10,35G JDZX9-6,10,35
JDEW-6,10 JDJW-6,10G JDZB-6,10 JDZX10-6,10 JDZX11-6,10,35 JDZXR1-6,10
JDZX7-6,10 JDJJ-35 JDJJ1-35 JDZXR2-6,10    
JDJJ2-35 JDX6-35 JDX7-35 UNE10,35 REL10 URE10,35
JDZX-35 JDXW-35   URED10 UNEW35  

RXQ-10 ,RXQ3-10Installation loop reference
RXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6D wiring diagram harmonic elimination

These areRXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6DFor more information, if youRXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6DPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usRXQ3-10D, RXQ3-6DThe latest information.


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