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TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/131 indoor-type over-voltage protection

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TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/131 indoor-type over-voltage protectionDetails:

Electric Co., Ltd. Yueqing Dengrui factory direct【TBP-B-12.7F/131 over-voltage protection】,And provide a variety of【TBP-B-12.7F/131 over-voltage protection】Images, parameters, description and other detailed product information,Dengrui【TBP-B-12.7F/131 over-voltage protection】High quality, excellent price, special requirements can be customized consultation.

TBP-A (B, C) -12.7F/131 indoor overvoltage protection type is mainly used to protect the power system in a variety of electrical equipment against atmospheric over-voltage, over-voltage and frequency transient over-voltage damage , is the basis of power system insulation coordination.

Metal oxide arrester its core element (varistor) with a zinc oxide-based advanced formula, a very excellent non-linear (V - A) features, which, under normal operating voltage, the current is only slightly by On stage, when subjected to over voltage, reached by thousands of amperes of current moment, the arrester in the conduction state, the release of over-voltage energy, which effectively limits the over-voltage power transmission equipment for infringement.

Traditional silicon carbide arrester discharge delay due to steep waves caused by high steep wave discharge voltage, the operation of large waves cause the operation to disperse the discharge wave discharge voltage disadvantages. The zinc oxide arrester has a good steep wave response characteristics of the steep wave voltage without delay, the operation residual depression, there is no discharge dispersion and so on. Making the steep waves, the operating margin of protection under the waves greatly improved, and in the insulation co-ordination, can be done steep waves, lightning surge, wave action close to the same margin of protection, and thus provide the best protection of electrical equipment.

Composite coat metal oxide surge arresters, the use of the whole injection molding, two encapsulation process, good sealing performance, explosion-proof performance, no-clean and resistant to contamination can reduce the occurrence of fog, wet flashing, electrical erosion resistance, anti-aging, small size, weight The easy to install and maintain. Porcelain arrester is the replacement product.

technical standards
Implementation of standard products GB11032-2000 (eqv IEC60099-4: 1991), "metal oxide surge arresters without gaps for AC", JB/8952-2005 "communication system with composite coat metal oxide surge arresters without gaps."

1, small size, light weight, impact resistant, no collision damage transportation, installation and flexible, suitable for use in the switch cabinet;
2, the special structure of the whole molding, no air gap, good sealing performance, moisture-proof;
3, creepage distance, water-repellent, good tolerance and strong, stable performance, reduce operation and maintenance;
4, the unique formula of zinc oxide varistor, leakage current, slow aging, long service life.
5, the real with the DC reference voltage, square wave current capacity and large current tolerance is higher than the national standard.

These areTBP-B-12.7F/131 over-voltage protectionFor more information, if youTBP-B-12.7F/131 over-voltage protectionPrice, make, model, pictures, parameters have any questions, please contact usTBP-B-12.7F/131 over-voltage protectionThe latest information.

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